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I am a certified (sworn) translator and English teacher holding master’s degrees in English and law. I am happy to cooperate with individual clients, language schools and companies interested in translation services, language courses, and other linguistic support. My core activities include:

Polish-English and English-Polish certified (including by electronic signature) and ordinary translation and interpreting, as well as proofreading in the field of general, business, economic, and legal content (websites, agreements, rulings, letters, documents, academic content, abstracts, etc.),

teaching general English, business English and legal English (in a broad sense) at different levels of language proficiency (individual and group classes conducted in-company or at the teacher’s place),

supporting projects in which English is the language of communication, as well as projects which involve the creation of English texts, especially with business and legal content (marketing materials, agreements, etc.).

I place emphasis on an individual approach to each Client. Please feel welcome to use customised English classes in a good atmosphere. Moreover, take advantage of general and legal translation perfected in terms of content and editing. You may also try out other of my services.

Englaw. Tłumaczenia, Szkolenia Językowe, Consulting.
Przemysław Kusik

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world
Ludwig Wittgenstein