Feel welcome to use my translation (including certified translation) and proofreading services.

I offer Polish-English and English-Polish translation in the following range of specialisations:

  • certified translation: traditional, with a certified (sworn) translator’s stamp, or with the use of a qualified electronic signature,
  • legal texts: joining legal and linguistic background, I am able to offer reliable and professional translation of legal texts, including website T&Cs, privacy policies, agreements, documents, rulings, legal opinions, legislation, etc.;
  • business and economic texts: I specialise in business language, and the translation of various texts for businesses, including the areas of marketing, finance, and HR, is one of the major areas of my professional activity;
  • IT: I offer the translation of applications and websites, also directly in a given code. Professional approach and keeping the code intact are guaranteed. I am also interested in texts whose content is related to IT issues. An example of my experience is the translation of a textbook for software testers.
  • general, non-specialised texts: any content or format, including those connected with tourism.