Feel free to use my advice in respect of any kinds of projects or tasks in which proper use of language is significant or sometimes even indispensable for their successful completion. My offer includes:

  • linguistic support as regards the creation of texts in English: I will eagerly help you choose a proper text structure, terminology and language register. Aside from general and business texts, I can support the drafting of legal texts in English, including agreements, regulations, terms, and conditions of websites, etc. Owing to my legal qualifications, I am capable of verifying the correctness of both the language and subject matter of such texts,
  • support concerning foreign correspondence: with particular regard to a relevant choice of vocabulary and style of messages,
  • support concerning translation (Polish-English and English-Polish): in particular within the fields I am specialized in legal and business language in a broad sense,
  • supporting the creation of diploma theses, presentations and academic papers in English and Polish: besides my work, I devote a lot of time to my academic development – I have experience in preparing academic texts in Polish and English. I have authored a few published papers and presentations at international conferences. In addition, I translate abstracts, articles and other academic texts from different fields, including business, legal and linguistic content in the majority.